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3 Ideas for Employee Recognition and Appreciation


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As humans, we strive to nurture authentic connections with others. Forward thinking leaders leverage this human nature to manage and grow culture and boost morale and employee retention. Here are three ways of showing appreciation to employees in the remote work world:  

1. Employee gift bags

 Thoughtful work-from-home gift boxes can help employees feel valued and connected to their co-workers. Thank-you gifts for employees strengthen team bonds and ensure they know their employer cares about them. You can also use this employee appreciation idea to deliver in-office perks to remote workers. 


2. Bondy boxes 

The switch to remote work disconnected employees from their work, co-workers, and leaders, widening the “connection gap.” Without human-to-human connection, bonded teams disintegrate into isolated units. Bondy boxes can help companies close this gap by creating a culture of recognition. Send healthy snack boxes to remote employees with personalized thank-you notes to make them feel appreciated. You can include instructions to ensure recipients open their Bondy boxes together. Shared experiences create a sense of belonging and connectedness. HR leaders can also use Bondy boxes as team-building boxes


3. Employee care packages

Working alone at home for months can demoralize even the most passionate employees. HR professionals can rely on work-from-home care packages to enhance employee motivation. Each take-care box acts as a physical bridge between co-workers and their leaders and employers. Using this strategy is an effective way to boost morale at work

Bottom Line 

Human connection is crucial for job satisfaction, morale, engagement, and employee retention. Improving work culture using employee appreciation gifts can help close connection gaps. The idea is to encourage and reinforce desired behaviors, leading to a more connected workplace. HR leaders can rely on Bondy boxes to improve their remote employee retention strategies. Bondy boxes are fun and flexible appreciation gifts and care packages. To boost employee retention, visit Bondy World.