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5 Biggest Distractions for Remote Employees


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When you are working remotely, it is important to be focused and stay on task. However, there can be a lot of distractions that can pull you away from your work. In this blog post, we will discuss the biggest distractions for remote employees and how to overcome them.


1. Household Chores and other Family matters


Homelife can be distracting, which may cause you to miss deadlines while working from home.  It is important that family members respect your workspace and do not distract or bother the person who’s concentrated on their work. 

When you’re at home alone with the kids, work out a routine that keeps them occupied during peak productivity hours and explain to them this is important for your own mental well-being. If there’s no one else around but yourself (or just one other person), try setting up rules about what kinds of things are allowed in specific areas so everyone can stay focused on their tasks without being distracted by others’ activities throughout all day long.


2.  Cell Phones


Cell phones are like the new cigarettes for people who work from home. You may innocently pick up your phone to check on a message or look at social media, but then you get sucked into looking through thousands of pictures as well.

The problem with this is it will do more distractions than ever before – which can lead us down an internet rabbit hole and away from important tasks at hand but also because some employers actually forbid their employees’ use of cellphones during certain hours depending again.


3. Noise


Imagine the chaos of trying to focus on work in a distracting environment, with annoying sounds like children’s toys jingling, spouses talking loudly and maybe the dishwasher, your music playlist, or even just outside sounds like sirens and traffic from cars honking their horns when they drive. It is almost impossible put all your attention into your work. 


4. Pets that needed your attention


It’s hard enough already trying to get work done while taking care of children, but let’s not forget about our furry friends. Whether it be a dog whining at the door or a cat walking across your keyboard looking for cuddles- you’ll find yourself pulled away from what needs to be done because they are just too cute. It’s tough when they demand our attention or walk all over us with their cute little booties—it just makes everything else seem so much more important.


5. Television shows


The television is perhaps one of the most dangerous distractions in your home. TVs are so easy to slip into a trance and lose minutes or even hours on end while watching Netflix, daytime soap operas, or infomercials that you don’t actually care about but can’t seem to stop watching every time because they’re just too entertaining. 

Placing headphones over your ears will help block out the background noises and tunes that would otherwise keep distracting you from doing your job as opposed to white noise or muffled conversations which have been proven time after again as being incredibly stressful.


How to Overcome or Avoid them


1. Orient your Family


While you’re trying to get productive while you are working at home, it’s important that your family gets on board. Have meaningful conversations with them about giving you the space and time needed for this so make sure they know how much their support means in helping out when things are tough.

Let them know that you need to keep your careers and make sure the bills get paid, but we also deserve some time off. Let them know how important it is for you that they are happy with what’s going on at work as well-driven professionals like themselves; remind them about taking a vacation or enjoying a night out together. 


2. Keep your Focus on your Goal


Home-based work can be so hard to stay focused there are many obstacles that could prevent you from doing so such as checking your email or social media account during business hours for instance.

It’s important when working at home not only to concentrate but also motivation otherwise it’ll become difficult to maintain interest in what we’re doing because our minds would want something else instead.