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Creative Employee Recognition Ideas: Make Your Team Feel Like MVPs

Sure, there is no “i” in “team,” but there is an “i” in “recognition.”

As a leader, you want to ensure that your employees are recognized for their hard work because (spoiler alert) employees enjoy working in a company that promotes their individual growth and recognizes their efforts. Valued employees become company advocates and are the foundation of truly cohesive teams.

And what about employees who don’t feel valued or recognized? They hit the road, Jack. A recent study showed that only one out of three workers in the United States reported having their work recognized and appreciated by another person.

Employees who claimed to have not received any recognition for their work were two times more likely to quit within the next year.


If this hits a little too close to home base for you, then it’s time to take your “recognition game” to the next level! Here are some creative employee recognition ideas that will show your employees that they really are the true MVPs.

Play Off of Their Passions and Hobbies

Encourage Your “Artsy” Employees

It’s probably a safe assumption that you like to hire people based on the creativity that they show in their work, but what hidden talents might your employees be hiding?

Maybe some of them have painting skills that rival the great Bob Ross or like to build sculptures out of soda cans. Maybe Jim from accounting likes to whittle beautiful walking sticks from the wood of an oak tree.

Once you’ve found some of these previously undiscovered talents, promote their work throughout the office and make their peers aware of their accomplishments. You could even consider purchasing some of their work to show some extra support.

You could even create a virtual art gallery if you are having your employees work from home. It’s like they’re taking a trip to an art museum, and they don’t even have to change out of their sweatpants!

This creates a culture of employee value, while also creating a visually appealing environment to work in. It lets your employees know that you are proud of what they accomplish outside the office.

We think that we have the perfect gift for your more creative-minded employees…

Bondy’s Creative Fuel package comes with snacks and art supplies to get those creative juices flowing. They’ll definitely love it!

Attend Employees’ Extra-Curricular Activities

It may come as a shock to you that your employees’ lives do not completely revolve around working, drinking coffee, and binge-watching The Office (although, those things may be a big part of it).

It’s very likely that many of your employees are involved in some kind of extracurricular activity or hobby when they are not working hard for you. Maybe they shoot hoops for a local basketball league or tear it up on the French horn as part of an orchestra.

Figure out when their events are taking place and set up a sign-up sheet so you and some of your other employees can go and watch them on the night of their big game, concert, play, or whatever else it might be.

Of course, it could be something less conventional, like an interpretive dance-off or a demonstration of their miming skills. Hey, different strokes for different folks.

Just make sure to scream and cheer and ring that cowbell as loud as you can! You know, assuming that it won’t get you kicked out.

Reward Your Employees for Their Hard Work

Gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for your hard workers. Plus, it will make them feel like their birthday has come early this year!

Day-Off Coupon

Everyone loves to have a day to themselves, so give them a free pass to take a day off whenever they feel like it.

Encourage them to push work out of their mind for a day and just do things that make them happy. Whether that’s lounging around in their pajamas or going to a baseball game, give them a chance to do that!

Send a Bondy Box Straight to Their Doorstep

At Bondy, we have created a number of curated boxes designed specifically for employers, like yourself, to send to their team members as a small token of their appreciation.

If one of your employees has had a stressful week, send them one of our BondyCARE packages like Stress Soother to encourage them to participate in some much-needed R&R!

Or, for your hungrier employees you could get them a BondyYUM! box. Don’t worry, we have both gluten-free and vegan-focused Bondy boxes too!

(Disclaimer: While your employees are guaranteed to enjoy our BondyYUM! boxes, they may not verbally exclaim the word “YUM!” upon finishing)

Tickets to a Game/Show/Concert/Event

Make sure that you get to know what your employees’ hobbies are and what they like to do in their free time. This way, if you want to get them a gift that’s a little more personal, you know just what to get them.

If they’re a fan of comedy, you could get them a couple of tickets to see a comedian that’s coming to town. If they’re a sports fan, then you could get them tickets to a local home game. Your employees will really appreciate a more personal gesture.

Party It Up Like the Pros

You know what everybody loves? Parties! Well, at least we do.

Celebrate your employees’ big birthdays, workiversaries, and even retirements by throwing a little office bash. Who says you can’t have fun in the workplace?

Yeah, we know, everyone’s stuck at home, but the party must go on! Set up a “meeting,” encourage everyone to bring their favorite drink, and invest in some of our BondyTEAM packages!

These contain fun games, props, and snacks that fit a certain theme and are designed to be played over a video call. We can 100% guarantee that everyone will have a rip-roaring good time.

Also, be on the lookout for our upcoming Bondy Birthday & HappyHour boxes, which will be available in the next month or two!

Showing Your Appreciation For Remote Employees

We get that it can be much more difficult to maintain a positive attitude and culture within your company when everyone is working from home.

Right now, when there are more and more people working remotely, maintaining a team dynamic and positive mindset is as important as it ever has been.

Scheduling one-on-one meetings with each of your team members is a great way to keep tabs on how they are feeling and figure out if they need any extra support.

People appreciate a leader who is devoted to his or her employees’ well-being, as opposed to a boss who is absent and doesn’t make an effort to interact with their workers.

Try to randomly pop in on individual team meetings and make sure that everything is running smoothly, there is no drama between team members, and iron out any wrinkles as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Bondy is here to help you promote your company culture in a scenario when many of your employees are working remotely. Don’t let that sense of community and friendship that you’ve worked so hard to build die out because people aren’t working in a centralized location!

Invest in some of our Bondy care packages to send home to your employees and show everyone that you’re always thinking about them even when you aren’t in the same location.

Our team here at Bondy has crafted several different team-building and care packages to send to your employees who are working remotely. We have snacks for your more hungry employees, games to play, and care packages designed for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Make your employees feel like the next LeBron James, Patrick Mahomes, or Steph Curry by letting them know how important they are to your team. Check out all of the different Bondys we have to offer and show your employees that they are all MVPs!