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5 Curated gift box for Remote Employees Team Building

Do you want to give your employees the best productivity possible? 

They have been working hard for a long time and it’s only natural that they should feel exhausted.

If your remote employees are feeling a bit disconnected from each other, a curated gift box might be the perfect way to boost team morale. A gift box can include fun items that promote team bonding, such as games, puzzles, and snacks. By sending a gift box to your remote employees, you can show them that you care about their well-being and want to help strengthen their team connection.


Benefits Of Sending a Team Building gift box to your Remote team

Sending a team-building gift box is one of the best ways to build a strong team your remote employees would feel that you care for them. You’ll be helping out not only their work life but also in their personal development. Engaged workers put more effort into their work which boosts productivity projections up to 18%. These hardworking individuals champion company missions as well.

When you care enough to give employees the gift of joy and happiness they deserve – both on their own terms as well as through increased engagement with customers-not only will workers be more productive but these same traits also help cultivate an environment where people want nothing less than what we have: success together. 


5 Curated Team Building Gift box


1. Afternoon at the Improv Team Building Box

Afternoon at the Improv Team Building Box

With our Afternoon at the Improv Team Building Box, we’ll bring your remote employee together with other members of their team in a fun and creative environment. Items included  Instructions, electronic writing tablet, gum, snack, gourmet rice Crispies treat

Afternoon meeting and team-building with your remote employees the purpose behind this activity are not only to strengthen your relationships with one another but also give every employee some time away from work so he/she feels refreshed when returning back into his / her regular routine.


2. Creative Fuel Team Building Box

BondyTEAM Creative Fuel

The Creative Fuel Team Building Box is the perfect gift for any occasion! It comes with watercolor markers, mixed media pad and popcorn. You’ll also receive gumdrops (for when your creativity needs an extra boost) or gummy bears in case you’re feeling unsure about what to create next – there are so many options here that it will be hard not choosing something just right away. 

What better way to get your remote employees excited about working at home than with the Creative Fuel Team Building Box? This package will provide them with an entertaining and interactive experience. 


3. Island Adventures Team Building Box

Island Adventures Team Building Box

An Island Adventures Team Building Box is the perfect gift for your remote employee. It includes 14 3×3 photo cards that allow you to document their activities, instructions on how best use each item (including snacks!), dried fruit mix or banana chip trail mixes with gummy volcanoes-, tiki cup glass set complete featuring an umbrella keychain.


4. Movie Night Gift Box

Movie Night Gift Box

What’s better than one Gift Box? two! You’ll be the gift-giving genius if you send this multiple box bundle to your remote employee. The items included are Ranch popcorn, a movie-themed game, and candy kebabs along with their own personalized socks that have a special corresponding sticker on them for when they finish watching all three movies in preparation for its closing credits rolling at once (or not). I hope these make up enough foodie delight so we don’t have any starved employees.


5. Road Trip Team Building Box
Road Trip Team Building Box

Sending a Road Trip Team Building Box to your remote employee will make their day! The items included in this fun and unique box are luggage tags, tech organizer bag with a rotating travel cup holder that holds up two cups at once so there’s no need for messy juggling or cross-country trips across America if you’re trying not only to get work done but enjoy some time away from home too. And lastly, we added an amazing journal just waiting patiently inside.