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How to Surprise Your Team Members (No Special Occasion Required): Gift Ideas for Remote Employees

Do your employees ever feel like their mind is the equivalent of a static TV screen tuned to a dead channel? Do you sense that some may feel Isolated and disconnected when working remotely? Are they missing the feeling of being in the same building as their work family? If so, then why don’t you try helping them reconnect by surprising them with one or more of these thoughtful gift ideas for remote employees.

Anything that can make your employees feel more comfortable and at ease is worth it in our book!

Home Away From Home

When your home away from home (AKA the office) is in your home, lacking some of the classic office amenities is understandable. Help your employees restock the supply cabinet in their home office with these little essentials.

Free Coffee!

Surveys of team members working from home showed that one of the things they miss the most about not going into the office is the access to free coffee. Makes sense. Even if your office has always been remote, most coffee-drinkers appreciate the chance to upgrade their coffee game with a new coffee mug, coffee subscription, or just a really, really high-quality bag of roasted beans. Eliminate their need to visit the coffee shop every morning!


If your office swings more to the tea-drinking side of things, just pretend we said “tea” instead of “coffee”—it all still mostly applies. Tea-drinkers can also be treated to tea infusers for loose tea blends or flavored sugars to add a little something special to their cuppa. If you want a full care package for tea-drinkers without the effort of curating it yourself, send them a BondyCARE: Stress Soother, which includes tea and tea accessories.

Free Pens!

Okay, we can hear you thinking… “We’re living in a digital age. Everyone communicates on messengers and email and takes notes on laptops and tablets! Who needs pens anymore?” 

Just hear us out. Yes, everyone communicates by email and messengers and many take notes electronically, which means no one has a pen, and it’s always super-awkward when the delivery guy needs a signature, and he didn’t bring a pen, and you don’t have a pen. You can be the hero in this situation by thoughtfully sending a very nice personalized pen to your employees. Even if the only time they use it is to sign the receipt for their pizza, they’ll still think of you every time they use it.

Also – don’t judge – some of us are still writing notes with pen and paper because it helps us retain information!

Take your employees’ office game to the next level with the BondyWFH: Be Wise, Organize! This Bondy contains a number of office supplies, from a to-do pad, some silicone cord wraps, and sassy pencils! It’s the perfect gift for that one worker who always seems to be misplacing his or her stuff.

Free… Stapler?

Anyone familiar with the classic office comedy Office Space will remember Milton’s fondness for his red Swingline stapler (the one he refused to give up when the company introduced new, “improved” replacements). If you have an employee with a fondness for satire from the late 90s, get them their very own red Swingline stapler. It’s the perfect desk accessory! Even if they aren’t actually stapling anything, it’s the comedy that counts!

For the Non-Office Part of the Home


Sending flowers is the OG traditional celebratory move for a reason. Fresh cut flowers are a bright burst of color that instantly makes any room feel more luxe. Especially appreciated as we move into the colder months, a farm fresh bouquet from a service like The Bouqs Company will really pull the room together!

Gift Baskets

Is there anything better than a specially curated gift box that perfectly matches together a thoughtful selection of items that are exactly what your remote workers need? 

Yes, there is! That is being able to send a specially curated gift box that perfectly matches together a thoughtful selection of items that are exactly what your remote workers need, without you having to do the work of specially curating the items yourself!

Check out our vast selection of Bondys to determine which one is right for your remote workers. We have everything from snack boxes to care packages to team-building video call games to extra office supplies!

Feeling Snacky?



There are a surprising number of popcorn delivery services online, just begging for you to send out this classic treat to your remote workers! You could go for traditional flavors (like movie theater butter, cheese, or caramel), find something more sophisticated and refined like truffle salt, or get weird with it and try something like salt and vinegar or French toast. For an extra personal touch, search online to see if there’s a local option, so you can showcase a product to your remote teams while supporting a local business. It’s a win win!

Wine and Cheese Board

A bottle of wine, a decorative cutting board, some crackers, cheese, nuts and other sweet and savory snacks will make a delicious and high-class snack plate—it’s the perfect addition to your virtual holiday party!


Don’t worry, we have Bondys for all of your employees’ snacking needs. Whether your workers are vegan, gluten-free, or just want something classic to crunch on, there’s a delicious BondyYUM! option that your employees will love adding to their snacking options menu!

Last Minute Gift Ideas

A good last minute gift idea is money, but that can seem gauche and impersonal. Combine the benefits of giving money with the benefits of giving your employees a personal gift by sending them a gift card that speaks to their personal interests. 

Tech fiends will appreciate a gift card to an electronics store; quilters and knitters would love a gift card for a craft store; gamers will appreciate a gift card for a game shop or the digital store for their preferred console. The possibilities really are endless. All you need to know is what your employees like and then match the gift card to their interests!

Nothing helps to maintain a positive relationship between employers and employees like thoughtful acts of consideration. Listen to your employees and pay attention to who they are as people. Then, check out our creative selection of Bondys! These thoughtful, curated gifts for remote employees will show your team members just how much you care about them.