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5 Best Gift Box, Kit, and Packages for your Team Building in 2022


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Did you know that the average American spends 8.8 hours a day at work? That means we spend more time with our co-workers than anyone else in our life! Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to stay connected and collaborate as if we were all together in one office space? Look no further, because today’s post is going to show you how your employees can stay engaged and productive while working from home. The key is giving them an opportunity for team building and collaboration outside of the workplace.

This is a gift box for your team building to be delivered while working at home. This is so you can stay connected and collaborate without the need of being in an office environment. Take this opportunity to get creative, open up some space on your desk, and start designing.


1. Movie Night Gift Box

Movie Night Gift Box

The Movie Night Gift Box is a unique gift box that includes everything you need for the perfect movie night. It comes with Ranch popcorn, movie-themed games, candy kebabs, popcorn slipper socks, themed sticker treats from your favorite movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Avengers, etc…

Movie Night Gift Box provides all of the components needed to make an ideal viewing experience: high-quality snacks in addition to entertainment items such as playing cards or trivia questions about popular films printed on coasters found inside this clever container.


2. Island Adventures Team Building Box

Island Adventures Team Building Box

Which adventure are you up for today? Island Adventures is a team-building box that includes 14 3×3 photo cards, dried fruit mix or banana chip trail mix, gummy volcanoes, a tiki cup with straws, and lei. Best of all there’s even an awesome shark keychain multi-tool in this pack to help get the job done.


3. Creative Fuel Team Building Box

BondyTEAM Creative Fuel

This creative team-building box is packed with everything you need for a great brainstorming session. You’ll find Watercolor markers, a mixed media pad, and gumdrops to boost your creativity in the morning! Popcorn will come in handy during breaks too when everyone gets hungry.

This Creative Team Building Box is full of things that help enhance productivity and take care of hunger issues right away. Inside this package, there are Watercolors that can be used on an art-making activity; watercolors make it easy to see what’s been created without having much wipe-up work after they’ve dried off their painting surface (the paper). Extra attention should also go towards making sure not all pieces get destroyed or lost due to these products being washable–hen.

4. Road Trip Team Building Box

Road Trip Team Building Box

Road Trip Team Building Box that contains a luggage tag for each of your teammates, tech organizer bag to hold all the phones and electronic devices you’ll need on this trip but won’t want in the car – like headphones or chargers, rotating travel cup holder because driving while holding coffee is just too dangerous especially when passing through an endless stream of fast-food restaurants with their bright lights beckoning from every angle. Finally, add some inspiration by packing a journal filled with quotes about traveling so everyone can learn more about what makes them tick as they write down memories from past trips.


5. Afternoon at the Improv Team Building Box

Afternoon at the Improv Team Building Box

Afternoon at the improv team building activity! This box contains instructions, an electronic writing tablet for taking notes and jotting down ideas as they arise during your session, gum to help you stay fresh throughout our time together, a snack that will give us the energy to keep playing such as some tasty gourmet rice Krispie treats!

Afternoon at the improvisation team building activity! This kit contains items like Instructions – So we can make sure everyone is doing activities correctly Electronic Writing Tablet – To take quick notes on any important thoughts Gummy Snacks – Energy boosters. Gourmet Rice Crispy Treats- A sweet treat after having fun with friends.