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Most common Ideas in giving Rewards and Bonuses for your Remote Team


For any remote team, the best way to nurture creativity and engagement is through incentives. Whether you’re looking for ways to reward your employees or just want them to be more productive at their jobs.

The benefits of having a remote team are numerous, but one thing that often goes overlooked is the bonuses or rewards for your staff. By rewarding them with cash or non cash-based incentives you can reduce turnover rates and create happier employees who will stay around longer in an already difficult job market.


Top 10 most common Rewards and Bonuses for your Remote Team


1.  Special treats

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It is a great idea to give your team members something that they can remember you. Buy them vouchers for local restaurants, massages or facials, and even online store discounts! Alternatively, send out some flowers with the message “thank you” on their doorstep- it will show how much we appreciate everything they do.


2. Gift Box


Cozy Comforts Gift Box

Spice up your virtual team with an exclusive gift box of snacks and goodies. A special reward for all the hard work they do. Gifting is more than just rewarding, it’s showing appreciation too so we’ve put together this cool incentives package that includes treats like an insulated tumbler, hot chocolate, “snowball” stress ball, themed socks, dark chocolate protein balls, themed stickers.

3. Positive recognition


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Acknowledge your team members every day, not just once. Take the time to show them how much they mean to you and have an effect on future success with tangible rewards like more money or better benefits but also by providing positive recognition in everyday actions as well – such as thanking a person for their hard work each morning before everyone goes off into other tasks that don’t conflict too heavily towards theirs (if it’s possible). Recognizing people build morale while at the same time creating healthier workplace communities where respect abounds.


4. Branded clothing


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Reward and appreciate your virtual team by giving them Branded clothing or T-shirt with your company logo, color scheme, or something similar will be an easy way to reward them. This could also serve as an internal tool that shows which groups have worked well together while tracking their hours worked overtime – giving both parties ideas on how they can improve performance in future shifts/assignments.


5. Gift cards


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An incentive for your employees is a great way to show them just how much you care about their well-being. Gift cards are one of the most impactful types, as it allows people on teams together to buy something they want from companies like Amazon or even local businesses near where they work. There’s no doubt that any company would love to offer up such benefits if given enough time and resources (especially in today’s economy).\

6. Coffee memberships


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One way to appreciate your, virtual employees is by giving them a coffee membership. This can be done through research and checking around if any cafés in your area offer subscriptions or memberships for their customers who appreciate excellent quality beverages with an awesome cup of joe at every sip.


7. Virtual Mentorship Program


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If you want to empower your employees and give them opportunities for growth, establishing a mentoring program is one of the best ways. This will allow people in desirable roles with shared responsibilities an opportunity to build relationships by being guided through different experiences or tasks as well as providing support when needed from others also taking part on this journey together—all without having any additional financial burden placed upon themselves.


8. Send them Road trip Team Building Box


BondyTEAM Road Trip

Road trip team-building boxes are the best way to show your virtual team how much they mean in more ways than one. A Road Trip Team Building Box is great as an appreciation for all that was done this past year. It provides them with something special and unique just like you would want from yourself when somebody did an outstanding job at their job or took care of some personal matter while working remotely; which we know many people do nowadays due to increased demands on us by our jobs outside home life. The road trip team-building box has luggage tags, a tech organizer bag, a rotating travel cup holder, travel-themed journal.

9. Send them into Yoga classes


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Send your virtual team into a yoga class as part of their appreciation and reward. A great way to bring the office more together is through mindfulness exercises. It’s been shown that these types of activities improve teamwork, creativity among employees while also increasing productivity levels in organizations. 


10. Book a Spa appointment

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It’s very rare that we get to slow down and be pampered. After a hard project, it’s especially important for an employee to hit reset; getting away from the stresses of their job is going to have them feeling refreshed again in no time! So why not indulge in some spa treatments? Whether you’re looking for something medical or aesthetic – there are countless options available just waiting at your fingertips.