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Reward, Engage, Delight & Retain
with Employee Gifts

Sending awesome gifts for employees has never been so easy! Bondy delivers curated gift boxes right to the door of your remote teams regardless of where they power up their laptops. How do you replace in-office celebrations? With customized gift boxes from Bondy filled with experiences your team can do together. You’ve invested a lot of time and money into building company culture and strong teams. Keep your teams bonded so they rock it out of the park every day with a Bondy gift box!

Customize an employee gift to fit your needs or budget!

Gift Ideas for Coworkers

It has become harder than ever for companies to retain top talent, but most of them are overlooking the power of gift-giving. Sending employee gifts can boost retention, morale, loyalty, motivation, and so much more. Let’s chat about how you can create the perfect employee gifts for your remote team or in-office staff!

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