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Curated & Custom Company Event Gifts

It’s time to break up those mundane meetings. With Bondy, you can make your next virtual or in-person meeting special and delicious. Simply send snacks to remote employees to fuel creativity and boost energy throughout those long, tiring sessions. Make your in-office team feel special with the same gift boxes that have “Don’t Open ‘Till” stickers on them so your entire distributed team can open them at the same time. 

We’ve got gifts for team meetings, events, retreats, and more!

Curated & Custom
Company Event Gifts

What brings teams together? It’s not employee handbooks or onboarding presentations — it’s the experiences. By delivering shared experiences through curated gift boxes, Bondy connects teams no matter where they are. Make virtual Happy Hours happier. Welcome new employees. Engage your remote teams. Send a Bondy.

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