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5 Useful Stress Relief gift box for Work from Home Employees

Work from home can be stressful, especially when you have deadlines.  However, with the right tools, you can manage your stress and stay productive. This gift is filled with stress-relieving items that will help you stay calm and focused during the busy season.

1. A box of Tea

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This is a perfect gift for your hard-working employee. They will be so excited to receive it in the mail, and you can rest easy knowing they’ll have something special during those long hours of writing reports from home or fixing errors on deadline days.


2. Stress Soother Gift Box

Stress Soother Gift Box

The Stress Soother Gift Box is a perfect present for those who are feeling stressed. It includes two different formulas to combat the effects of anxiety and tension, as well as soothing sounds such as nature noises or music with calming bowls so you can have some peace in your life again.


3. Essential oil

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The best way to make your work from home employees feel at ease is by providing them with a box of essential oil.  It will help keep the space smelling fresh and clean, as well as provide relaxation before bedtime or during those long days on their feet.


4. Revive & Refresh Gift Box

Revive & Refresh Gift Box

Give them this box of treats to show just how much you appreciate their commitment and dedication. Containing everything from 17oz double-walled stainless steel water bottle, peppermint shower tabs, peppermint gum, cooling towel. it’s certain that this will be received positively by anyone who receives it as an unexpected token of appreciation – especially considering all these thoughtful items are also great distractions when things get hectic at home.


5. Classic Crunch Snack Box

Classic Crunch Snack Box

One of the best ways to release your stress is by eating, so give your work from home employees snacks with this Classic Crunch Snack Box! Feed them to keep them happy and energized all day long. With a variety of flavors, including popcorn, nut bar, cranberry cashew bar, jerky, granola, kettle chips, pecans. Build a rewarding business with this snack box that includes an assortment of our best-selling flavors.