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5 Best Sweet and Healthy Snack Delivery for Remote Employees

Today, we’re going to be talking about the benefits of having a snack box delivered for your remote employees.  Some of you might think that this is an unnecessary expense. However, we’ve found that it has many perks and can help keep your team happy and productive.  For starters, workers who live more than 30 minutes away from their office will appreciate any care you give them as they work long hours at home on the computer-whether they’re working during the day or night without any breaks in between. They need snacks! And not just some random ones; these snacks should be high quality and healthy so there’s no guilt when chowing down on those chips or cookies (because let’s face it, sometimes those cravings are intense!).

In the past, it has been common for employers to provide a break room or a kitchen with snacks and beverages. However, many of these employees are now working remotely. This blog post will discuss the 5 best Bondyworld snackers for your remote employees.


1. Sweet Tooth Snacker

Sweet Tooth Snacker Gift Box

When it comes to remote work, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. For example, you might not have the right equipment or tools for your job and this could be frustrating. But today we’re going to bring some joy into all those remote employees’ lives with a gift box full of sweets!. Our Sweet Tooth snack box delivers a well-rounded sugary experience with a variety of chewy, crunchy, chocolatey, fruity, and feel-good deliciousness.


2. Sweet, Sour & Savory Snack Box

BondyYUM Sweet, Sour, Savory Gift Box

The Sweet, Sour & Savory Snack Box is the perfect gift for your remote employees to enjoy while they are at their desks. This snack box pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea and will be sure to put them in good spirits during long days spent working away from others.

The sweet, sour & savory snacks come with rainbow licorice treats, lemon bars, popcorn, beef jerky, granola, cherry lime gum, savory banana chips. And by saying in bitter and in sweet we’re all here – To succeed together as part of an awesome team who loves what they do!.


3. Classic Crunch Snack Box

Classic Crunch Snack Box

Have a classic crunch snack box filled with all of your favorite mornings treats to bring into the office during that early meeting. The Classic Crunch Snack Box for Your Remote Employees comes with popcorn, nut bar, cranberry cashew bar, jerky, granola, kettle chips, pecans that are perfect for when you need an extra boost in the middle of work, but can’t make it out for coffee or breakfast because you’re on-site at one location working remotely.


4. Against the Grain Snack Box

BondyYUM Against the Grain Snack Box

Against the Grain Snack Box is an ideal gift for those remote employees who love to snack at their desks and it comes with Gluten-free Chocolate chip cookies, popcorn, nut bar, granola, gummy pandas, jerky, BBQ chickpea puffs. This box of snacks will remind them that you care about what happens in their day.

The input against the grain snack box for your remote employees might be a good way to show appreciation and support towards workers who depend on working from home, especially if they like snacking while doing so.


5. Plant Power Snack Box

BondyYUM Plant Power Snack Gift Box

The idea of the Plant Power snack box is to provide healthy snacks and beverages so that your employees can maintain a healthier lifestyle. This snack box contains Vegan Chocolate chip cookies, banana chips, pineapple snacks, protein balls, snack bar. The company’s aim, in this case, is not only profit but also sustainable profit by reducing healthcare costs incurred due to poor health habits such as obesity or diabetes. This would be especially beneficial when it comes time for performance reviews because these bad habits could affect an employee’s overall productivity at work if they do not take care of themselves first before going into their jobs every day.