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The Ultimate List of Holidays Party for Virtual Team Do’s and Don’ts


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It’s the best of times. It’s also a holiday season unlike any other because it happens mostly online, so while most companies are scrambling for virtual party ideas this year we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide on how to throw an amazing holiday party in cyberspace.  so we’ve put together a list of things you must do and shouldn’t do at your virtual holiday party.


5 tips that you should do at Holiday online party


1. Virtual Happy Hour


Get your drink on! Come to the virtual Happy Hour and get a taste of this year’s holiday party. You can enjoy live music while sipping all of those delicious cocktails from around town, including ones that sound just like they do in their commercials–but without pesky ads getting between you and what really matters: drinks tasting better than ever before.


2. All Board Games


Board games are a great way to bring teams together with something that is shared by all members. Tabletop VR allows you the opportunity for some old favorites like Monopoly, Cluedo, and Risk in virtual reality form.


3. Deliver Home-cooked Meals


For a fun and creative holiday party event, have employees cook for one another in teams. Make it random or choose the theme based on what you want them to prepare; maybe everyone will be making salmon with roasted tomatoes? The goal here is that this experience builds camaraderie so they feel more connected than ever before.


4. Have an Ugly Sweater contest


One of the benefits of remote work is that you don’t have to get out your sweats. So go ahead, take it one step further with a spin on this ever-popular “Ugly Christmas Sweater” party idea! Hand out awards for Most Original Sweaters (and I bet people will want them), Best Team Sweatshirts, or DIYs – there are always ways we can make our lives more interesting together right? And depending on who wins best tackiest sweater might even be worth celebrating all night long.

5. Have a Classic Karaoke Night


Get your party started with a Classic Karaoke Night! Host an online event to celebrate the holidays.

It’s time for some karaoke, live streaming video chat, and voting in this fun-filled marathon of all things classics like “Last Christmas,” by Wham, or even “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole tunes you probably haven’t heard since grade school.


5 tips that you shouldn’t do at Holiday online party


1. Forgetting to Dress up in the Spirit of Holiday


You know that you want to look your best for the upcoming holiday party, so don’t forget about dressing in a spirit of celebration. If it’s going virtual this year and everyone is going online then make sure there are some fun decorations on display! Talk through what makes each person festive from head to toe before they start posting pictures or Instagram stories during their adventure – these small details can really put someone over the edge when deciding whether they’re having too much funny enough.

2. Having too much alcohol


It’s not the time for overeating! Too much alcohol can make you feel sick and possibly send your judgemental facade into overdrive. Be mindful of how many drinks it takes to get buzzed because that number might vary with each person or depending on what beverage they choose.

While you’re all enjoying the company and conversation at your online holiday party, don’t forget to drink enough water. It’s easy for people who are drinking alcohol might not feel thirsty as much or notice their bloat from too many drinks beforehand.


3. Dressing up your top Half and Having your Pajamas on the Bottom Half


Wearing only the top half of your outfit is tempting at a virtual holiday party, but you never know what kind of games or activities might require getting up and moving around. Since it’s not an in-person gathering where people can see each other’s faces, don’t be afraid to mix things up.


4. Forgetting to put yourself on mute while making fun of the ugly sweaters


A virtual holiday party is not an excuse to be mean. You don’t want Cheryl from Accounting, who literally dressed up like a Christmas tree and star on top of all (she even had lights!), getting the brunt end-of your snicker when she’s just trying to have fun at work with everyone else! It would also be awful if you went downstairs into a chat where people are talking about how hilarious it was that one person did something really immature while celebrating this time of year – then suddenly realize “Oh crap I’m still listening!” Ugh no.


5. Coming with no Activities Planned


If you’re responsible for your company’s holiday party, no matter how small or casual, it can be a good idea to have some activities planned in case people get tired. Games like Bingo are always fun and will keep guests entertained while waiting in line at the buffet table. If I were going into this with an unprepared mindset then I would probably just plan whatever seemed most fitting.