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12 Effective Ways to Keep Employees Happy and Productive

1. Create a Designated Workspace.

The home office is the quintessential workspace for many people working from their homes. Working at your own pace and on a schedule that suits you can be extremely beneficial, but it’s vital to create an environment conducive to productivity.

2. Schedule your Day and Plan Accordingly.

You know that feeling when you wake up and realize it’s Monday, but there are so many things to do? It can be exhausting. The key is not to worry about every little thing all at once; instead, break your tasks down into manageable chunks. Start the day with a plan of what needs to be done today – this will help you stay on top of everything throughout the week without getting overwhelmed by too much going on in one day!

3. Seek out Distractions – Take Walks, Have Coffee with Friends, Etc.

Avoiding your work responsibilities can be a tough task, but the importance of getting away from it all sometimes is just not worth sacrificing. To keep yourself sane and relaxed during these times when you need to take some time off from working on certain tasks, try using distractions like walks or coffee with friends as much as possible.

4. Keep your Desk Organized to Help you Stay Focused.

A cluttered desk can be distracting and inhibit you from being productive. Keeping this in mind, make sure to keep your workspace organized so that it doesn’t get the best of you!

5. Take Breaks Every Hour or so to Stretch and Walk Around.

Drinking water, getting a change of scenery, and stretching are all great ways to stay active. In order for your body to do what it is used to do you need an occasional break; this not only ensures that fatigue does not set in but also helps promote creativity!

6. Set up an Office Dress Code (i.e., no yoga pants) for Yourself and Others in The House Who May be Working From Home as Well.

Setting up a dress code for our office at home is essential in order to maintain professionalism. Whether it be wearing slacks and an oxford shirt or jeans, t-shirts are not allowed unless they’re tucked into the waistband of your pants and you have on shoes. Even if we work from home, we need to still look professional when meeting with clients over Skype or lunching together during brainstorm sessions!

7. Make Sure you Have the Right Equipment for the Job – if you Need to Use your Laptop, Make Sure it’s Charged and Ready to Go.

The first rule of being a tech-savvy worker is to always be prepared. The most basic requirement for any job – no matter how small or time-sensitive it might seem at the moment – is having your laptop charged and ready before you leave work so that when an emergency pops up in the middle of another task, you’re set with everything necessary to get right back on track.

The key component to staying productive during hectic times? Planning ahead! If there’s something important coming up later this week (or even just next month) and we know what equipment will be needed beforehand then chances are much higher that all our bases will already have been covered by the time those tasks come around again… which means less stress & more productivity.

8. Keep your Family Out of the Workspace so They don’t Interrupt or Distract you.

It can be hard to focus on a task when you’re constantly being interrupted by family members. To create boundaries, try setting up designated workspace areas for them outside your normal work area or even help teach the kids some skills at home so they don’t always need your attention!

9. Stay Hydrated by Drinking Plenty of Water Throughout the Day.

You might not have to worry about running out of water at home, but staying hydrated is still a must. In order to stay healthy and energized throughout the day, it’s important that you drink plenty of fluids, such as tap or bottled water. A good rule of thumb is drinking 16 ounces for every hour spent working from your own couch!

10. Give Bonuses as Rewards for Hard Work, High Sales, and Other Accomplishments.

Offer bonuses to employees for their hard work and high sales, even while working at home. A bonus is a perfect reward for a job well done.

Achieving milestones can be exciting when you get rewarded with money or gifts but there’s something that feels more satisfying about getting paid simply because your boss sees value in what you do every day whether it’s on-site or not. It’s true–any type of recognition from management goes a long way!

11. Keep on Top of the Email – Respond to Emails Quickly so They don’t Pileup.

One of the best ways to stay productive is by not letting your inbox pile up with unanswered emails. You should be responding promptly and efficiently so you do not feel overwhelmed when it turns into a mountain that can’t get any higher!

12. Take Care of Yourself With Exercise and Healthy Eating Habits, Even if it’s Just Once a Week.

It’s easy to let your health and mental well-being fall by the wayside when you have so many other things on your mind. But one way that can help is making time for exercise even if it means working out at home or just going for a walk every day before work. Eating healthy doesn’t always come easily, but setting some kind of goal like not eating any processed food in two weeks may be more motivating than trying to go cold turkey from sugars and carbs all at once!