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Working anytime, and anywhere? This CEO is making it possible


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Flexible work environments have become the new normal, with remote and at-home options available for those who want them. This means that workers need to be ready not only in their professional capacity but also as people so they can balance both aspects of life when coming into contact outside traditional office settings or working from different locations around town.

The ability of jobs to be mobile is exciting because it offers more flexibility than ever before- however, this comes with responsibilities on top! As we’ve seen over recent months there’s been some push back about how far employers should go in providing accommodations like allowing employees time off merely due to tolerance levels rather than calendar days.

With flexible work options, it’s easy to get the most out of your career. Fairey says “we know people do their best when they are in a position that allows them time and energy.” With 100% flexibility on where you want to be during office hours or at home with family obligations; there is no limit as to what days/times can fit into one’s schedule.

The New Normal Work Culture

The workplace is changing, and companies are struggling to keep up with technological advancements. Employees working from home means that managers must now lead their teams through virtual meetings or phone calls instead of appearing in person at office spaces designated for company events like team building activities where they can interact face-to-face which puts added stress on both parties since there isn’t an opportunity for eye contact nor does it allow time spent getting acquainted beyond what’s necessary when coworkers typically meet each other every day outside work hours. Remote working setup become the norm and many companies are realizing they need a new approach when it comes to their workforce. This trend will not go away any time soon so employers have started redefining what success actually means for them and how best can keep those employees happy in order to stay competitive.


10 Tools that can Help CEOs in Work from Home Setup


1. Zoom









Zoom is the leading video-conferencing application that allows you to connect with multiple people and continue your daily workflows in a visual, seamless manner. With Zoom, you can have a live video chat with up 1,000 participants and 10 thousand viewers. This software has quickly become one of the most preferred communication solutions for WFH professionals all over the world because it allows them to connect seamlessly while working remotely on their computer or phone.


2. Krisp









Krisp is the perfect app for professionals who need to stay professional no matter where they are. When you’re on an audio/video call and there’s background noise coming from another room, Krisp will keep your message interesting by masking those distractions so that all attention goes back towards what’s important – Business. Krisp has been designed to make your life easier by eliminating the need for your microphones during calls. The AI-powered software will suppress background noise and add a virtual filter between yourself so that only what’s being said on camera is heard through both ends of the conversation.


3. Zapier

Zapier 1








Zapier is a software platform that connects apps and automates different tasks, which are great for remote employees. The integration of automation ensures your team spends more time on the work they’re already doing rather than trying to figure out how these technologies interact with each other or you as their manager. The platform supports over 2000 tools and helps make repetitive or complex tasks easy and breezy! Businesses can create processes for users in order to maximize their productivity so they don’t have too much on their plate at any given time – it’s all about being smart about how we use our resources here.


4. ProofHub









With ProofHub, you can manage projects of any size and in whatever industry. It’s perfect for managing remote teams who need an all-inclusive tool that handles everything from scheduling meetings to keeping track of timelines.


5. ClickUp









ClickUp is a great tool for managing projects and collaborating with others in the office. With features like task tracking and calendar management, remote teams can get their work done easily without having to worry about losing focus or forgetting anything important at home.


6. TeamViewer









TeamViewer is a well-known and reliable service that allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world. You can use this software for remote support or access of your computer from afar without having any physical contact whatsoever. The convenience of this software is that it allows you to access other people’s computers remotely if they also have the same application installed and provide their login details.


7. Time Doctor

Time Doctor








Time Doctor efficiently tracks your employees’ time so you can be confident in how much they’re being paid. With features like project management and employee monitoring, the software is perfect for any business that needs accurate data on their workforce’s productivity levels – whether it’s a large corporation or small startup.


8. Google Drive

google drive








Google Drive is the perfect tool for teams who are looking to easily share files with their remote employees. With this program, you can upload documents or audio/video content while also being able to use it as an instant chat room where team members will be able to see what’s happening in real-time on one screen.


9. Slack








With its intuitive messaging app, Slack offers an easy way for teams of all sizes to collaborate. You can create channels that act as dedicated spaces where you and your team members discuss projects in progress or ideas across various disciplines without getting distracted by other conversations happening around them.


10. Miro 









Miro is a cloud-based, online visual collaborative whiteboarding platform that enables distributed teams to work effectively together. The system can be used for brainstorming with digital sticky notes and planning agile workflow management; it also includes facilities like video calls or chats – all from the comfort of your own home.