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Virtual teams are a big trend right now. It’s an exciting time to be alive and working in the business world! A lot of people have been talking about how virtual teams can create more efficiency, better collaboration, and save money for companies. However, it’s important to remember that there is no magic bullet for success when it comes to virtual teams. The key is understanding what makes these different from traditional team structures and then developing strategies that will help them work well together. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips to support your virtual team members.

1. Communicate with your Team

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A successful business has a team of people working together. This group can be spread out across different time zones and locations, but they must communicate frequently in order for their work to succeed properly. 

To stay on top of your game it’s important that you use digital tools so everyone is getting along as one cohesive unit without any issues arising between teammates due to lack of face-to-face contact which often leads them into conflicts later down the road because nobody knows what was said by who when 100% sure someone else misunderstood something completely random. The following tools will help you and your team to have healthy communication.


ProofHub is an online project management software and collaboration tool that will give you full control over your tasks. It’s great for learning projects because it has features like discussion boards to improve communication among remote teams undertaking eLearning courses.

The remote team can communicate quickly through group chat and discuss important issues. Online discussions, proofing tools such as ProofHub will enable the sharing of files with ease! When members are effectively communicating together they have a better chance at completing any missing tasks or delaying them less.


HipChat has made communication simpler and more efficient for teams. It’s a privately hosted chat service that can serve all eLearners, so you don’t have to worry about miscommunication or redundancy in the workspace with your team members.


Skype is a great tool for staying in touch with friends, family members, and business partners. It not only allows you to make audio or video calls but also provides the option of chatting on an instant messenger service like WhatsApp which means that regardless of what device you’re using – whether it’s your phone/tablet computer- all messages will be received perfectly!


Now you can create a personalized newsletter very easily and conveniently with TinyLetter. For professional writers, this tool is the best way to share content by email! eLearners send their messages directly to an audience of interested people who want more about them or what they do – all in one place for free.


GoToMeeting is a powerful way to collaborate in real-time for clear communication with remote teams like eLearners. You all can stay connected anywhere and schedule meetings or build relationships – whether it’s sales demos, external presentations, or collaborative sessions!


Dropbox is the perfect solution for teams of all sizes to collaborate. The service helps in sharing, creating, and collaborating among various eLearning team members so that everyone can work on their own schedule while still benefitting from group collaboration opportunities within a classroom environment such as writing lesson plans or completing projects collectively at home before meeting up with classmates face-to-face.


Flowdock is a team collaboration app that will integrate your work and make it easier to communicate. You can chat about projects, notify each other of files or documents being uploaded onto the desktop at any time as well as share them seamlessly across devices while on the go!.

2. Be an Active Listener 

One of the most important skills you can have is being an active listener. It’s not easy to stay on top of everything, so it helps when your team members feel heard and appreciated for all their hard work

A good leader knows how crucial communication with others really is- especially if they’re working remotely from different locations around the globe or at home on their computer screen! So look out: giving feedback regularly will show those underlings just what kinda person YOU truly ARE by always paying attention during conversations.

3. Work to Understand the Other Person’s Perspective 

It’s important to understand the other person in any interaction. It could be with a customer or colleague, but when you’re working on an issue that affects both parties’ needs and feelings then trying their perspective will help everyone involved find common ground so there can be closure sooner.

People are more inclined to work together when they make an effort and try to understand the other person’s perspective. This can be done by allocating time for a brainstorming session or asking questions about what motivated their decision in order to gain insight from one another, even if you’re on separate teams.

4. Share Information in a Timely Manner

The best way to keep your virtual team on the same page is by sharing information in a timely manner. While it may seem like just another thing on the list, providing helpful updates and news is important for remote workers. To stay productive despite being away from their desks, communication with other staff members can make all of those hours worthwhile- which would be impossible if you didn’t communicate at least once every few days or weeks!  There’s nothing worse than getting an email filled with jargon that no one understands because they weren’t present during the construction phase; this creates more work without doing any actual labor themselves so always try very hard not only to send written emails but also speak aloud while typing out text messages as well –

5. Encourage Creativity and Innovation

Innovate your way to a more effective team environment. Sustainability is not just about what we do now, but how and why. Innovating in order for us all to reach our goals requires creativity from everyone on the virtual spectrum – including you! If this sounds like something up your alley try out these tips: 

  • Be open-minded
  • Listen with empathy 
  • Speak Up 
  • Challenge existing norms 
  • Set Priorities 
  • Think Differently 
  • Share Your Story 

All of us have a part to play in the future. It’s up to each one of us how we go about our days, and what that means for where we end up tomorrow. We hope you’ll join this journey with your own creative solutions- because it’s not just about now, but why and how all these things come together as a whole.