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Best Corporate Gift Box for Employees


In order to show appreciation for your employees, it’s important to invest in a corporate gift box. These boxes are filled with goodies that can be shared among everyone and will make a lasting impression on the recipient.  A good way to get started is by looking at our best sellers! We have different options available so you’re sure to find something perfect for the office. Check out our top 5 favorite picks below.


Top 5 favorite picks on Bondy world gift box for employees


1. Sweet Tooth Snacker

Sweet Tooth Snacker Gift Box

You know what they say – you’re never too old to enjoy chocolate! Give your inner child the treat it deserves with our deliciously Sweet Tooth Box.

Delight yourself by giving someone else an unexpected but rewarding present in their desk drawer today because who doesn’t love surprises?

Gift box Includes: Variety of chewy, crunchy, chocolatey, fruity, and feel-good deliciousness


2. Against the Grain Snack Box

BondyYUM Against the Grain Snack Box

Make sure your gluten-free team members don’t miss out on this assortment of sweet and savory snacks. With a wide range to choose from, you’re bound to find something that will satisfy any appetite.

Gift Box Includes: Gluten-free Chocolate chip cookies, popcorn, nut bar, granola, gummy pandas, jerky, BBQ chickpea puffs.


3. Classic Crunch Snack Box

Classic Crunch Snack Box
Give a Classic Crunch Snack Gift Box to your employees. The perfect gift for any time of year, these crunchy treats will make them happy and inspire loyalty from the staff members who receive it.

Gift Box Includes: popcorn, nut bar, cranberry cashew bar, jerky, granola, kettle chips, pecans



4. Movie Night Gift Box

BondyPARTY Movie Night Gift Box

Who doesn’t love a good movie? If you’re getting together with your staff and need something to kill the time, we’ve got just what is needed. Gift Box will deliver an exciting evening of entertainment in one easy step.

Gift Box Includes: Ranch popcorn, movie-themed game, candy kebabs, popcorn slipper socks, themed sticker


5. Sweet, Sour & Savory Snack Box

BondyYUM Sweet, Sour, Savory Gift Box

A perfect snack for your employees is a Sweet, Sour and Savory Snack Box. 

It’s not just about the taste: it can be difficult to eat healthy when you’re in charge of feeding everyone! Give them this box instead so they get all three textures plus their favorite flavors with minimal fuss from themselves or others at work. 

Gift Box Includes: Ainbow licorice treats, lemon bars, popcorn, beef jerky, granola, cherry lime gum, savory banana chips



We hope you have a lot of fun with our favorite picks gift boxes and enjoy the tasty treats. You deserve it! In addition, we encourage everyone to thank their employees, or employers for this thoughtful gesture – they might not know how much they are appreciated until you say something.  Be thankful today – don’t wait another day before saying “thank you” to someone who’s been there for us through thick and thin. And if that person is our staff or boss.