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7 Thoughtful Ways in Rewarding your Hardworking Remote Team


Working remotely has become a trend in today’s world. Many companies have moved away from the traditional office space and instead, hire employees to work from home. With this change comes many benefits for both the company and its employees, but it also brings challenges that need to be addressed by managers who are leading these teams. 

One of the best ways to show your hardworking remote team that they are appreciated is through thoughtful rewards. A little thank you goes a long way, and it will make their days much more manageable on those tedious weeks where everything just feels too intense.


1. Treat delivery

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With everyone going into quarantine, you’ll never have a better opportunity to get your treats delivered! Remote snack boxes are perfect for those who can’t be bothered with the hassle of getting out there and looking around. Or if an old employee has been hiding under their desk all this time, just order from Bondyworld gift box: they’ve got plenty on offer, including these incredible cookies, lemon bars, popcorn, beef jerky, granola, cherry lime gum, savory banana chips, and many other snacks.


2. Give $25 Gift Card

It’s always a good idea to reward hard work with some small token of appreciation. And what better way than giving your employees $25 gift cards? It’s sure going make them feel special, and it might just encourage more effort from those who need encouragement.

3. Public recognition

The best way to show your virtual employees how much they mean to the success of their company is by thanking them in front of everyone. Take out time during weekly team meetings or send an email saying “Thank you!” for all those late nights at work.

4. Bondyworld Gift Care box

The perfect gift for any hard-working virtual employee, the Bonddworld Gift Care Boxes will be their secret weapon. With a personalized note from you on every one of them.\

5. Video chat dance-off with the CEO

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What’s the most fun you can have with your employees? That is if they are virtual! A video chat dance-off between the CEO and his hard-working team would be awesome. 

It’s time to get your workforce in on the action. Let them show off their dance moves for you and take this video chat, right now.


6. Annual Spotify or Pandora membership


We all know that employees are hard-working, but did you also realize how much effort they put in to make our business successful? Let’s show them some appreciation with an Annual Spotify or Pandora membership.

A good leader is one who knows his staff and recognizes their worthwhile still providing the necessary resources for success! If this sounds like something your company would benefit from–make sure not only will it motivate team members; It’ll give everyone on site more of what makes life worthwhile: music (and singing along).


7. Stress relief app subscription

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The best way to take care of yourself is by taking time for yourself. Get your mind and body back on track with some self-love!, get a subscription to one of the best meditation apps like Headspace or Buddhify App Studio (there are plenty more) – whatever works.

Caring about ourselves often goes unrecognized but it’s really important especially during these times where we need mental peace above all else because everything will work out just fine if only they know how much love exists inside each one of us.


Giving rewards to motivate the remote workforce

Remote employees are essential to any company’s success, so it is important that you give them some rewards. If your team members have been working hard all year long and they deserve recognition for their achievements or contributions – this list should help motivate them!