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How Does Work From Home Impact The Company Culture?

In the past, working from home was seen as a privilege reserved for only the most senior employees. However, with new technologies that allow people to work remotely and have face-to-face conversations over video chat, it’s now possible for any employee to work at home. This has made many companies rethink their company culture and how they manage their workforce in general. 

Working from home has been a staple in the ever-changing work world, but with new technologies such as video chat and remote management tools like Slack, it is increasingly easier for employees to stay in their own homes. This change of pace may not be good for everyone’s mental health since they are unable to get up and go into an office setting. 

Working remotely has become more popular over time because people no longer need to commute or spend money on gas just so that they can come into an office every day. New technology now allows coworkers who would otherwise never interact face-to-face to have conversations over Skype or other video chats which means company culture will continue evolving in order to accommodate this shift.

10 Examples of Apps and Software that Can be Use for Work From Home Setting

  1. Clockify – for tracking work time 
  2. Asana – for project management
  3. Slack – for team communication
  4. Zoom – for face to face online chats, consultations, and meetings
  5. Nozbe – for getting things done
  6. Snagit – for screen capturing 
  7. Doodle – for coordinating meetings
  8. Google Drive – for file storage and synchronization
  9. 15Five – for measuring employee engagement
  10. Basecamp – for team and client collaboration