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3 New Socially Conscious Gifts from Bondy

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of three new gift ideas that are now available to send to your employees for the holidays, employee appreciation, or whatever reason! These socially conscious gifts help you build stronger teams who feel they are part of something larger. 

Learn more about the vendors featured in our Women-Owned Snack Box, BIPOC-Owned Gift Box, and B-Corp-Owned Gift Box below. Make an impact with Bondy and support these amazing companies making a name for themselves. Tip: You can also use this as a gift guide for your loved ones this holiday season!


Women-Owned Snack Box 

Big Heart Tea Co. started selling tea out of a 1969 camper trailer at farmers’ markets and street fairs in 2012. Now, after building personal relationships with the world’s top organic, fair-trade tea farmers, Big Heart Tea Co. has developed a holistic direct-sourcing process that focuses in equal parts on the quality of the tea, the lives of the farmers who grow it, and the environment.

Abigail, the founder of Yes Bar, started her company out of her love for her family. Her son was born with so many food sensitivities that she was always having to say “no” to the foods he wanted to try. In frustration and out of love, she went to her kitchen and took out all the ingredients that she could say “yes” to, and made a handcrafted snack that he could eat. Yes Bars are fully plant-based, paleo, vegan, and free of GMOs, gluten, grains, dairy, corn, soy, eggs, and peanuts. They’re perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Founded in 2014, by mother-daughter duo Lynn and Stephanie Kriebel, OMG! Pretzels are a family affair. Lynn, the matriarch of the Kriebel family, has been making the garlic-flavored pretzels—their flagship product—for decades. Now, OMG! Pretzels are available on Amazon, their website, and on shelves at specialty retailers across the country.

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BIPOC-Owned Gift Box

Jeff, Jen, and Teresa (Jeff’s wife) launched Pipcorn in 2012 with their small savings and big dreams to use heirloom corn to reinvent their favorite childhood snacks that satisfy your cravings without making you feel like crap. Since launching their mini popcorn in hand-stamped paper bags at a Brooklyn farmers’ market, they’ve gotten help from family and friends, including new friends like Oprah and Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank. 

Stephanie Williams has always believed in making all-natural, from-scratch meals for her family to promote a healthy lifestyle. When it came to snacks, she wanted something more—a healthy alternative to what she was seeing in stores—so she developed her granola recipe, and Oh-Mazing! was born. Today, Stephanie and Oh-Mazing! are allowing people everywhere to create an abundance of Oh-Mazing! moments.

For years, Paktli Founder Seena Chriti wanted to start her own food manufacturing company. The idea of creating this snack called Paktli—puffed ancient grain snacks made with puffed amaranth, quinoa, and millet with organic chocolates and dried fruits and nuts—had been brewing in her mind for years, but only when she was able to be specific and focus her energy was she able to finally start. With unstoppable energy, Paktil keeps growing and giving people joy.

Partake was created in 2016 by Founder and CEO Denise Woodard, when her daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. Partake exists to offer a selection of delicious, allergy-friendly foods that those with and without food restrictions can enjoy and share with confidence. All offerings are certified gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan, and are free of the top nine allergens (wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, milk, eggs, soy, fish, sesame, and shellfish).

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B-Corp-Owned Gift Box

From kitchen design to ingredients, Homefree treats are made with allergy safety in mind. Homefree is proudly a B Corporation for its strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility. They have never used genetically modified ingredients, and they support the non-GMO movement by having all their products non-GMO Verified by the Non-GMO Project. They additionally use ingredients that meet standards for organic production, and some of their cookies are certified organic with at least 70% organic ingredients.

Sol Simple’s mission is to connect mindful consumers with smallholder farmers in tropical countries through premium, sustainably produced, organic, and Regenerative Organic Certified solar dried fruit. From seed to delighting their consumer’s taste buds, Sol Simple owns and controls every step of its supply and value chain from recruiting, training, and certifying farmers; to processing and drying fruit with eco-friendly solar energy; to connecting products to loyal consumers. 

Sun & Swell has always been a company that stands for high-quality, organic, whole food that is free from heavy processing and harmful ingredients like preservatives, added sugars, and other chemical additives. But they’ve always wanted to be more than just a food company, which led them to formalize their commitment to making the lives of their employees, community, and customers better by becoming a certified B Corp and joining 1% for The Planet in 2017.

Teatulia is a Denver-based, Bangladeshi-grown organic tea company working to create a regenerative and self-sustaining community. They bring the best-tasting organic tea straight to your cup. Now a Public Benefit Corporation, Teatulia has a broader purpose: to make a material positive impact on society and the environment.

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We’re incredibly proud to bring you these three new sustainable gifts featuring ethical products that you can feel good about buying and giving to your employees. With your purchase of a Bondy holiday gift, you’re supporting small businesses and ethical brands that care about the consumer and the world that we live in.