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Best Thanksgiving Celebration ideas for your Virtual Team


Thanksgiving Celebration Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all that you have. So this year – instead of physically gathering with your coworkers in one place or waiting until after dinner on Thanksgiving Day just so everyone has enough energy left over from their meal before getting into the serious conversation- why not do something different? Why don’t you celebrate gratitude online by setting up Zoom meetings with your coworkers that are working at home, who may be feeling similarly as overwhelmed at what they’re thankful for without being able to see/meet face to face?


Celebrate the Holidays With Team-Building and Games

Online Scavenger Hunt for Remote team

The settler scavenger hunt is a Thanksgiving version of the virtual team-building game. To do this exercise, first split your group into teams and give each team five to ten minutes for Items on their list! For just-do-its they can either take turns acting out or participants may record themselves performing what was done with an objective judge picking random winners at times

The Scavengers ultimate challenge: finding all these hidden items around town before time runs out.

Virtual Thanksgiving Bingo

Thanksgiving Bingo is the perfect way to get together with coworkers during this time of year. The game has players filling in their bingo cards by filling it out with one-word answers like “aunt”, or even more descriptive words describing w Once everyone’s finished, whoever gets five squares in a row first wins – congratulations!


Kindness Quest and Action portion

The kindess quest is a great way to get your team motivated and working together. The host leads the participants through various activities, such as writing thank you cards or racing against each other in order grab canned goods for charity!

The Kindness Quest is an online interactive event that helps teams bond while also spreading kindness around them like race with cans over give back projects during Thanksgiving day time period.


Thanksgiving This or That?

This or That is a fun and easy Thanksgiving icebreaker game. To play, you read out prompts from one side of the room to all players who must then respond with their preference for which prompt they want: “This” if it’s this kind of choice; otherwise – go ahead and say so “That”.


Thanksgiving letters

Thank you letters are a great way to show gratitude during Thanksgiving. To complete this exercise, set up your station with cards and envelopes for people’s signatures on them as well as stickers or seals so they can put what is written in the envelope back when it comes time for delivery. For thirty minutes everyone will have an opportunity sit down together writing notes about those who made their lives better this year.