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Celebrate Thanksgiving with Your Remote Team


Thanksgiving Celebration Ideas

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Your Remote Team

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all that you have. So this year, instead of physically gathering with your coworkers in one place or waiting until after Thanksgiving Day, why not do something different? Celebrate gratitude with your virtual team with fun, creative, and engaging Zoom meetings, collaborative team-building games, the best Thanksgiving gifts, and by showing your employee appreciation.

You don’t have to meet face-to-face with your team to express gratitude. And you don’t have to one-up their Thanksgiving dinner either. Check out these different games and Thanksgiving gift ideas below.

Virtual Thanksgiving Bingo

Thanksgiving bingo is a great and easy way to connect your team during this time of year.

Grab this customizable Thanksgiving bingo card from Etsy. You can provide your own customizable content and add things that only your team would know, or they can customize it for you with some general Thanksgiving activities. Our favorite square is, “did chores on your lunch break,” because who hasn’t in preparation for Thanksgiving company? Whoever gets five squares in a row first, wins!


Gift-Giving Game

Put a spin on White Elephant, the Christmas holiday gift-giving game, for Thanksgiving with your team. First, set a budget for the gifts and a theme (i.e., each gift has to be turkey-related, each gift has to have a personal meaning behind it, or each employee gift has to be edible and delicious) and pick a date for the gift reveals. Then, pair your team and have each person mail their gifts to their matched employee. Open the gifts together on a video call and celebrate all the hard work your remote employees have done this year!

Make things even more exciting with some help from Bondy. Our holiday gifts and gift boxes are perfect for you to share with your employees this Thanksgiving and during your White Elephant game. Don’t just give a gift card—give a Bondy!

Our Winter Fun gift box includes a high-quality mug, hot chocolate, themed socks, snacks, and a themed sticker. And our Holiday Gift Box includes an insulated tumbler, “snowball” stress ball, dark chocolate protein balls, and more! Explore some of the best Thanksgiving gifts for employees on our website.


Kindness Quest

The Kindness Quest — a mission to perform one random act of kindness daily, no matter how small — is a great way to get your team motivated and working together to give back this holiday season. Choose a host to lead your team through various activities, such as writing thank you cards, collecting canned goods for charity, giving communal office gifts from everyone on your team, or volunteering at a local nonprofit. One small act of kindness can mean a whole lot more to someone else.


Thanksgiving Letters

Thank you letters are a great way to show appreciation to your team members during Thanksgiving. Before you meet, send out virtual e-card templates or mail letterhead along with envelopes and stickers to each employee. Have each person randomly assigned another team member whom they should address their thank you card to. 

When you meet, give everyone some time to write down their thoughts about their assigned team member and then share them with the group. Alternatively, you can use this time to have your team write about a loved one or other individual who made their lives better this year. It’s the perfect gift for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving from Bondy!