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5 Best Remote Team Gift Cards That can be a Retention Incentive Ideas for 2022


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Employee retention is a big topic in the workplace. It’s important to look at ways to incentivize your employees so they want to stay with you and continue their work. There are many ways that companies offer incentives, but one thing that can be done easily for all types of businesses is giving out gift cards as an employee loyalty incentive program. They’re easy because people like them, they don’t cost much money, and there are dozens of options for different kinds of business-related needs.


What is an employee gift card?


What is an employee gift card? You might be wondering, but the answer can actually depend on where you work! Gift cards are one way that businesses show appreciation for their staff. They’re also perfect as a morale booster or reward during tough seasons with higher than normal workloads because they give people something specific to spend in addition to receiving money from payday loans like Instashift Payroll Personal Loan.


5 Best Gift Card Ideas for Remote Team in  2022


1. Amazon Gift Card

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Amazon is the number one online retailer in the world, and with products available for every imaginable category you’ll be able to find what your heart desires. Whether it’s home improvement or sports gear amazon has everything a person might need.

With Amazon’s new program, the Remote team will be able to use their gift cards for something that is uniquely tailored just for them. Plus the items they choose are sure to arrive quickly because of Prime!


2. Nike Gift Card

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Nike is a world-renowned athletic brand. With the right equipment, your Remote team will be eager to “just do it” style like Nike!

Nike is the modern workplace’s answer to comfort. The company will keep employees fit and ready for their next job by providing a comfortable work uniform that can be adapted in many ways, like an elastic waistband or drawstring closure around ankles if you have thicker legs than most people do.


3. DoorDash Gift Card


Your Remote team will love this, DoorDash is an ideal gift for them to enjoy delicious meals delivered straight to their doorstep.

Not only will your employees be able to eat well, but they’ll save time and money by cooking their own food now. They also get a chance at any restaurant that offers delivery. 


4. Spotify Gift Card

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Your creative staff will be able to express themselves more freely with this new gift card. Now, each employee can march in their own unique drumbeat and work towards achieving success like never before.

The music streaming platform, Spotify is one of the best choices for helping your employees find new music to fall in love with. Life can be very tedious and mundane at times- so it’s important that we add some spice into our day! And what better way than by giving them something they’ll enjoy listening to? This small gesture will go a long way when you think about quality time spent together as well as boosting employee satisfaction on top of everything else a little flavor is added into employees’ day.


5. Starbucks Gift Card

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The global coffeehouse chain Starbucks has come to represent the corporate mode in America. Fueling people on their way to work, this international icon is known especially for its’ strong morning jolt of caffeine that will get you going any time of day. 

Make sure your employees are happy and caffeinated this holiday season with the new Starbucks Gift Card! They can choose between different flavors, including grande for those who need their caffeine fix quicker than others. So go ahead – treat yourself or someone else today because we all deserve some happiness after working hard throughout our days.