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How Does Work from Home Setup Saved Company in Pandemic


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Unfortunately, all the organizations that were further down in terms of the digital transformation before COVID-19 are now tending to adopt more than their peers. Organizations who had been at least somewhat farther along with implementing new tech into everyday life have better luck adapting quicker because most things had happened on an evolutionary level rather than revolutionary ones like what has occurred after recent events where many companies will need significant infrastructure rebuilds.

The business nowadays and the working processes allowed them already for rapid changes or accelerated transformations which they took advantage of in order not only to survive but to thrive during this crisis.


The Potential Benefits of a Remote Workforce

Increased Employees Productivity

A recent survey of employees has shown that the majority are now working from home, especially those who work in creative or tech-related industries. These individuals report higher productivity and job satisfaction than their colleagues on traditional office space for various reasons including:

  • Reinvest Their Commuting Time
  • Distractions Go Down, Focus and Productivity Go up
  • Having Healthier and More Comfortable Life
  • Can work All Over the World

Improved employees retention

A company’s retention rate is improved when employees work from home. This can be because they are able to avoid office politics and distractions that may arise in an environment with no physical separation between co-workers, as well as limits on access hours due to traffic issues or other forms of transportation restrictions near one’s location at their desk job site which make it difficult for them arrive early enough before officially starting working each day without missing too many days off sick – leading eventually towards reduced profit margins if these problems aren’t resolved quickly but instead ignored resulting finally only further impeding upon productivity over longer periods.

Changes in Company Culture Because of Work from Home

  1. Business owners are constantly looking for ways to save money and increase productivity.
  2. Work from home setup gives business owners a way to reduce their overhead costs.
  3. Employees who work remotely have the ability to take care of tasks that can’t be done at the office, such as grocery shopping or picking up kids from school.
  4. Remote workers also get more time with family since they don’t spend hours commuting every day.
  5. Employees who work remotely are able to focus on one task exclusively without distractions.
  6. In addition, remote employees often receive better benefits than in-office employees because companies want them engaged and happy enough to stay.