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The Worst Mistakes When Managing Virtual Team—and How to Avoid Them.

The vast majority (over 99%) would choose to be working remotely if given a choice; they just need this freedom so that their schedules can be managed, commute avoided, and focus on doing great things at home with no office disruptions or distractions in between meetings. -But remote jobs also allow people who might not otherwise get any paid time off from their job to find some flexibility by telecommuting part way through an 8-hour shift each day. 

One of the most difficult parts of working from home especially when managing teams is figuring out how to manage a team that you can’t see. Managing virtual teams isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. If you want your team members to be successful and productive, then there are some major mistakes you should avoid making when managing them remotely. 

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10 Worst Mistakes When Managing Virtual Team

1. Failing to set clear goals
2. Lack of communication
3. Not addressing conflicts in a timely manner
4. Expecting team members to be self-managing
5. Not providing adequate resources or support
6. Neglecting the importance of culture fit within your organization
7. Poor time management
8. Top-down leadership style
9. Not knowing what you want to accomplish with the team
10. Unrealistic deadlines and goals

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5 Best Solutions on how to Avoid Mistakes in Managing Virtual Team

1. Identify each member’s strengths and assign them tasks accordingly
2. Create a system for communication – make sure everyone knows how to contact one another
3. Make sure you’re always available for feedback or questions from your team members
4. Don’t use too many tools
3. Create a culture of trust



The key to managing a virtual team is communication and the understanding that everyone has different work styles. It’s important for managers to understand how their employees like to communicate, what type of tasks they enjoy completing during the day, and when it feels right for them to take breaks. This way you can create an environment where your team members feel comfortable enough with each other so they don’t need supervision all the time. 

Set up expectations with your remote workers, be clear about what they need from you as managers so that they feel valued and respected while working hard on your project or task at hand. By avoiding these common mistakes in management.